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Jibondhara mobile payment solution empowers banks & financial institutions to offer an intuitive and superior user experience, and as well as to enhance product uptake amongst mobile users with targeted offers that fosters rewarding relationships. Jibondhara mobile payment solution offers mobile subscribers to conduct a wide range of financial and non-financial transactions such as balance enquiry, Top-ups and bill payments amongst others. Thus, allowing the Mobile Banking application to be leveraged as a complete self-service channel for various banking and payments related requirements.
The innovative and powerful interfaces of Jibondhara Mobile Financial Service platform helps banks and financial institutions to maximize their ROI by rapidly launching novel and differentiated financial services to consumers accessible across a wide range of devices and channels such as client apps, SMS, USSD and IVR in which the end users are benefiting from a more personalized banking experience with location based services facilitating access to various banking transactions enhancing convenience by providing with an additional, convenient touch-point to access banking services. The solution also provides hooks and interfaces to seamlessly connect to core banking systems and card hosts whilst ensuring high security with multi-factor authentication.