Jibondhara a complete life style

Jibondhara is a reputed service provider in Bangladesh Telecommunication Industry. During the past 10 years we developed, installed and customized many telecom solution and mobile value added services in Bangladesh. Jibondhara assists operators and service providers in shaping their services innovation. Jibondhara Next Generation software technology enables legacy system replacement, as well as innovative service launches in the areas of SMS broadcasting, Call Completion, convergence management, virtual numbers and Internet telephony, convergent charging, Mobile Wallet, virtual contact center solutions, call control and routing.

Our VAS Products & Services Include:

  • Bulk SMS Marketing Service
  • Virtual Call Center
  • Audio -Video Content Service
  • Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT)
  • Messaging (A2P, B2B and M2M)
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Location based Services

Business concerns

Sl. Company Name Service Industry
1 HUSSK PRODUCTIONS LTD. Telecom Solution & Calling Card
3 IDEA Networks & Communication Ltd. IP Telephony & Telecom
4 DYNAMIC ANALOJIX Internet Service Provider(ISP)
5 BanglaTel Corporation Telecom Carrier
6 HP Corporation Audio-Visual Production
7 HK Hatchery & Fisheries Ltd. Agro & Livestock Products
8 Global United Network Ltd. Distribution & FMCG
9 BD Link Communication Ltd. International Terrestrail Cable
International Internet Gateway
10 Eastwest Communication Inc. (USA) International Telecom Carrier
11 First Solutions USA Inc. (USA) International Telecom Carrier